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Ball Point Game

Submitted by: Emilia Breton

Origin Unknown I learned it in 2006 from 

Gabriella Banfield

Focus: Mindset, Relationship, Practices

Number of Players:

5-80 (works best with teams of less than 7-10 but you can have multiple teams 

Average Game Time:
30- 60 minutes


Tracking Flip Chart


5-10 balls per person


Demonstrates the power of fixed time boxes for work, and planning aids, as well as retrospectives usually the total balls processed far exceeds what they would have done if they have processed balls for 20 mins. It is also helpful for showing that the first plan is often the worst plan.


1. Give the directions:

As a class trainer I need a self-organizing team that can “process” golf balls so that I can demonstrate some aspects of scrum


I will know that this is done when

  • You all work as a team

  • Balls all go through each team member

  • All balls have air time between any two people

  • No ball is passed to a direct neighbor

  • Balls return to the start point to count as complete


2.  There are 5 Iterations:

In each iterations there is 

2 mins:  Retrospective & Planning

  • Note process changes over previous iteration

  • Record your estimate for next iteration

  • At the start of planning for iteration 5 let the team(s) know your record for balls processed (My Current Record is 3700)


2 mins: Execution

  • Record actual # processed

3. Retrospect

Use your favorite retrospective technique to debrief.

Variations :

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