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Submitted by: Emilia Breton

Focus: Mindset, Relationship

Number of Players:


Average Game Time:
5 minutes


Countdown is a quick warm up game that helps teams develop listening and self organizational skills as well as helps the team members learn to trust each other. The goal of the game is for team members to randomly count to down from the target number.


1. Have the team stand in a circle. 

2. Determine the target number - For new teams 2 times the number of team members plus 1 works best; as the team matures increase the number.

​3. Begin the countdown but remember only one person can speak at a time.

4. Check in by asking the team a question about the activity. For Example "What was most difficult in the countdown?"​

Variations :

A. Crazy Countdown

In this version instead of counting down from the given number the countdown is not just random in who says the next number but the order of the numbers is also random. For example [counting down from 8 - 8,4,3,2,7,1,6,5] The best starting number for this version is the number of team members plus 3 to 5. You can increase the number as your team gets more comfortable. 

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