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Submitted by: Emilia Breton

Focus: Mindset, Relationship, Practices

Number of Players:


Average Game Time:
5 minutes


This game is a quick activity that helps team members focus on each other, and self organize. It is also can be used as a metaphor for iterative development. 


1. Have the team stand in a circle.

2. The first team member will make a small gesture, the next team member will do the same gesture just a little bigger, each gesture larger than the last.

​3. Check in by asking the team a question about the activity. For Example "What helped you most?"​ 

Variations :

A. Pump up the volume

Use a sound instead of a gesture, increasing in volume and/or intensity.

B. Blind Momentum

The team is facing out of the circle until it is their turn to receive the gesture so that the team member only sees the gesture made by the player passing it to them. This variation a great example of collaboration vs. hand offs. 

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