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Pace Yourself

Submitted by: Emilia Breton

Focus: Mindset

Number of Players:


Average Game Time:
10-15 minutes

Top View of People Walking

A game that illustrates, the impact of speed


1. Set Up

  • Start walking around the room at your regular pace.

  • Listen to my instructions

2. Play

  • Invite the players to reduce their speed by half

  • Invite them to think about the things they are noticing at this speed they did not before.

  • Repeat until everyone is almost still

  • You will have two minutes to complete the exercise

3.  Debrief

Find your partner

  • How do you feel?

  • What Happened?

  • Where the slower speeds different?

  • If so how?

  • What happened differently?

  • What did you learn?

  • How does this relate to the real world?

  • What if you kept walking at full speed?

  • How will you change your real-world behavior based on your learning?

Variations :

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