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Nature Hunt

Submitted by: Emilia Breton

Focus: Archetypes, Mindset, Relationship, Practices, Environment

Number of Players:


Average Game Time:
15-45 Min based on timebox

Materials: Everything around you

Explore the room and outside stick to the timebox ☺ (played in pairs or 3s)​


1. Have the players gather in pairs or teams of three, self selected or random.

2. Have the player search to fill a list  of general things. Such as:

___ a blade

___ a seed

___ a nail

___ a key

___ something you'd find at a bank

___ something petrified

___ something with veins

___ something empty

___ something scented

___ something with a hole in it

___ something plastic

___ something red

___ something twisted

___ something edible

___ something curly

___ something sticky

___ something hairy

___ something sharp

___ something flat

___ something that is 10 years old

___ something that can be tied

___ something smooth

___ something with teeth

___ something that floats

Variations :

Find it:

Separate room into groups. Each needs materials to write a list. Allocate a number of letters of the alphabet to each group and then give them x (e.g. 5 minutes) to find as many objects as possible they can point to in the room that begins with one of their allocated letters. No real rules so you find some people can get very creative, naming parts of the body (e.g. pupil/cornea..), emptying their handbags to find items, etc. Creates great energy and fun. You decide by the list which team wins (can be fun award names if you want multiple winners.)

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