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Lego Partners

Submitted by: Emilia Breton

Focus: Archetypes, Mindset, Relationship, Practices, Environment

Number of Players:


Average Game Time:
< 15 min

Materials: Bags filled with Lego's

Practice communication by telling each other how to build the legos without being able to touch them, then switch.

  1. Form Pairs

  2. Open bag of Lego the goal is to build a super bug

  3. Pair 1 is the navigator (they can direct but not touch the lego)

  4. Pair 2 is the driver (they can build)

  5. Build for 30 seconds the switch

  6. Repeat until the timebox is done.

Use your favorite retrospective technique to debrief.

Variations :

Instead of passing the Legos between a pair it can move around a group with a common or differing goals.

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