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Who Am I?

Submitted by: Emilia Breton-Lake

Focus: Relationship

Number of Players:


Average Game Time:
5- 10 minutes

Post its or note cards
White board

Discover unusual facts about your team members while exercising your collaboration skills in this quick fun ice breaker.


1. List all of the team members names on the board

2. Have each team member list one thing about themselves on a card and give that card to the facilitator who then shuffles the cards or postit its.

3. The first person takes a card and places the card next to who they think wrote it and passes the card to the next person.

4. The next player then places a new card and may move a card, then pass the deck to the next player.

5. Repeat until all the cards are placed.

6. The first player may then chose to move a card (or cards).

6. Go down the list and ask each person, if the card next to their name is correct.

​5. Ask the team "What is one thing you learned today that you will use tomorrow?"

Variations :

If you have a team that knows each other well you can split into pairs and have each person write something about their partner.

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