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Name Game

Submitted by: Emilia Breton

Focus: Mindset, Practices, 

Number of Players:

5-10 per group

Average Game Time:
30 minutes

Materials: Pen and Index cards

One person is the Developer

Everyone else is a Customer

Goal: Developer writes the first name of each customer’s father on an index card (one card per name)

Customer: Track the time it takes for the Dev to deliver your card – we will have a stopwatch running


Round 1

Developer: Don’t keep your customers waiting:

Start immediately

Ask each customer a letter at a time, write that letter down on their card

Track the total time it takes to deliver ALL cards


Round 2 

Same as before, EXCEPT:

First rotate developers: new dev for each group from another team if you have multiple teams

Developers: Limit WIP (Work in Progress)

Limit is 1 customer at a time

Do not start another customer until you finish the one you are working on


Use your favorite technique to debrief.

I often include looking at which of the wastes they notice.

Variations :

Instead of using a pen and index cards use a virtual whiteboard (or multiples if you have multiple teams). It works best to have the developer use a drawing pen instead of typing into a text box.

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