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Blind Draw

Submitted by: Emilia Breton

Focus: Relationship, Practices

Number of Players:

Any number of pairs

Average Game Time:
30 minutes

2 envelopes containing instructions per pair

This activity not only helps team members practice listening to each other, it helps build trust between the partners.


1. Round 1

​Each pair sits with their backs to each other.

Partner B puts on the blindfold.

Then partner A opens envelope A which contains a set of instructions of how to draw something. (Sample Instructions)

Then partner A then describes to partner B what to draw.

2. Round 2 - Switch.

Partner A puts on the blindfold. 

Then partner B opens envelope B which contains a set of instructions of how to draw something.

Then partner B then describes to partner A what to draw.

3. Retrospect.

Use your favorite retrospective technique to gather insights. Some areas you might focus on include. How did it feel to listen to your partner? What was most difficult for you in this exercise? Was it easier the second time around? ​


This activity can also be done without the blindfolds, if you have a team that is not ready to work on the trust aspects of this activity.

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