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Lorraine Aguilar
Empathy Dojo - 4 Postures for Mindful Communication


Develop the capacity to empathize instead of react. In this game, participants apply a simple kinesthetic process based on four physical postures to translate a triggering criticism into constructive dialogue. Teams will spar by testing how quickly they can extinguish a verbal fireball with empathy instead of making a "career-limiting reaction." By playing this game, participants learn to speak free of blame and judgment and reveal the deeper human needs that drive our behavior. This technique is based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC), a set of principles and practices that promote empathy, inclusion, collaboration and innovation.



Lorraine Aguilar is passionate about empowering people to collaborate, innovate and influence others for the greater good. She has trained and coached senior leadership teams at Nissan, Merck, the United Nations and other organizations whose success depends on effective collaboration. She has spoken at numerous Agile events, including the Global Scrum Gathering and Agile Open conferences.



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